Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water for the Whole House

Reverse Osmosis, popularly known as RO, is currently the most advanced technology for purifying water to make it suitable for drinking. RO can purify municipal water, well water, and even sea water! Actually, one of the main applications of RO technology has been desalination of sea water. RO technology is particularly suited for water from wells or bore-wells. Ground water is hard (water becomes “hard” when it has high amounts of minerals such as bicarbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium in it), and RO removes these minerals from the water, making it “soft”.

Hard water is generally not harmful to one’s health, but can cause serious problems in domestic settings. Hard water does not generate enough lather to wash clothes efficiently; bathing in hard water can make your skin and hair extra dry and brittle due to the deposition and retention of the minerals on your hair and skin; the minerals in hard water deposit on the walls of water heaters, utensils and storage vessels, and develop “scales” thereby necessitating special measures in getting rid of these scales. Hard water is also not good for plants, and can affect their health adversely. Thus, it makes sense to soften hard water for everyday use – not only for drinking, but also for other domestic uses. And it makes all the more sense to purify the hard water, while softening it. The whole house RO system is the perfect solution for this kind of application.

How does the Whole House RO system work?

Whole House RO systems are typically fitted to the main water line, before the water enters your house. These systems are capable of handling large amounts of water, and are a good fit even for commercial use (for e.g. in hotels, restaurants, offices, etc). The whole house RO system works in the same way as any typical RO system would work – only on a much larger scale. When planning on buying a whole house RO system, it is worthwhile to have an estimate of the gallons per day (GPD) of water you use every day, so as to decide on an optimum size of RO system.

With pertinent technological advancements, it is now possible to purify even the most challenging of water issues, and bring the best quality of water to every faucet of your house. The whole house RO system is an excellent solution to the water woes faced by people living in areas with water problems, people having family members with significant immunity issues, and people using ground water as their primary water source. Have a Whole House RO system installed, and ensure good health for your family.

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